The Arrival of Cosmic Girl - Solo Show

9 June 2018

The Arrival of Cosmic Girl - Solo Show

From 9 June to 2 July of 2018

chi K11 art space - K11,
Tsim Sha Tsu, Mongkok, Kowloon, HONG KONG.

The Arrival of Cosmic Girl it's a 300m2 solo show of Okokume, at Chi K11 artspace in Hong Kong, where you can see the history of the arrival of the cosmic character to the earth illustrated in 16 canvas like a children book with the reproduction of this one on paper. Also a big canvas reproduce the image of events during the arrival and you can see a multiple works like a corporeal canvas, ceramic vases, paper works and sculptures of Cosmic Girl and Dino Star.

– "As Okokume, for this exhibition, I have resumed all my works on different platforms, in which we can find works on wood or ceramics and also you can see a documentary about my life as an artist life and the process of how I have done all my works here presented."